Fluid Pumping Equipment

Premier Coil Solutions offers custom-built Pumping Units for a complete range of coil tubing operations. Onshore or offshore, low pressure or high pressure, we can meet your exact requirements.

Premier Coil Solutions manufactures a complete line of fluid pumping equipment, with optional automated chemical mixing system, designed to handle a wide variation of well intervention applications. Our goal is to design practical pumping units that fulfill the demands put on well servicing companies. Our fluid pumps can be supplied skid, truck or trailer mounted and even have precise chemical mixing capabilities. They are commonly designed in single or twin configurations with a range between 400 to 3,000 horsepower, with automatic transmissions and fluid displacement tanks. Our design focus on maintenance friendly assemblies encourages regular maintenance intervals on all components. Our pumping units can meet the many varying requirements and harsh environmental demands of coiled tubing applications

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