Injector Heads

Premier Coil Products

Premier Coil Solutions Injector Heads are designed, engineered and tested to meet the highest possible oil eld performance standards and ease of maintenance. Our rugged unibody construction and patented design features enable these powerful injectors to meet or surpass all competitive designs.


60,000 Pounds Continuous Pull Capacity
30,000 Pounds Continuous Snub Capacity


80,000 Pounds Continuous Pull Capacity
40,000 Pounds Continuous Snub Capacity

PCS 100K

100,000 Pounds Continuous Pull Capacity
50,000 Pounds Continuous Snub Capacity

PCS 140K

140,000 Pounds Continuous Pull Capacity
60,000 Pounds Continuous Snub Capacity


Premier Advantages

  • Maintenance-Free Greased Bearings
  • Patented Quick Change Gripper Block System
  • Patented Chain Tensioning System
  • 72", 90", 100", & 120" Gooseneck Available
  • Hydraulically Extending Gooseneck
  • Hydraulically Closing Gooseneck Clamps
  • High-Strength Unibody Construction
  • Lifting Bale
  • Locking Knee Joint Tubing Guide