Premier Coil Solutions is committed to better serve our customers in training and safety, PCS has developed a world-class global training center to better equip our customers on advanced hydraulic coiled tubing equipment schematics, control system and various other products. PCS offers on-site and hands-on training with our equipment facilitated by certified trainers. Each student will receive advanced technical training in Rig Up/ Rig Down, Equipment Operations, and Maintenance & Troubleshooting of the equipment. They will receive a personal copy of Training Manuals and other supporting materials. The course focuses on safety, hydraulic and electrical schematics, and maintenance and repair procedures.

Premier Advantages

  • Conference & Training Rooms with Hydraulic Training System
  • Experienced Professionals & Technical Support
  • Certified Trainers
  • On-Site Test Well with Hands-on Training for crews for Training and Testing


On-Site Test Well