Coil Tubing Work Strings

Through a strategic partnership for the Middle East and North Africa market with Forum Energy Technologies and their subsidiary Global Tubing, Premier Coil Solutions offers the widest selection of coiled tubing products in the industry. Coiled Tubing outside diameter (OD) sizes range from 0.750 in (19.1 mm) to 5.00 in (127 mm) with wall thicknesses from 0.087 in (2.00 mm) to 0.337 in (8.60 mm). Global Tubing’s proprietary steel chemistry, experienced manufacturing and technical personnel, state-of-the-art mill technology and digital control systems deliver consistently higher quality products.

Work Strings (GT-90/GT-100/GT-110)

  • Well Service and Intervention (High Pressure)
  • Extended Reach Strings (Horizontal)
  • Stimulation
  • Fishing
  • Logging (Wireline and Fiber Optic member)
  • Plug & Perf Designs

Coiled Tubing Drill Strings (GT-80/GT-90/GT-100)

  • Heavy-wall
  • Large Outside Diameter (OD) Tubing
  • Custom Spool Requirements

Permanent Installations (GT-70/GT-80)

  • Velocity Strings
  • Production Tubing
  • Hang-off Tubing
  • Artificial Lift and ESP installations

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